Tuesday, 12 June 2012

                       Why is dental treatment so expensive in Australia and New Zealand ?

                                                                          or is it ?

The main reason dentist (or at least so they say) charge the fees they do is ----  Overheads --- of their practices. Plus of course we all know they would like to have a comfortable life, a bach, a porsche etc.

But hey - dentistry has gone global. This might be a weak up call to the profession, a late weak up call.

                                      Patients cannot afford the dental treatment they need.                      http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1384279/Health-hold-Almost-half-Britons-afford-regular-dental-check-ups.html

And this is happening all over the world.

But wait -- Isn't there Thailand and India. And yes more and more Patient will happily fly to third emerging economies to take advantage of cheaper dental treatments.
And most of these destination will generate 20-30% of savings.
But as flight and accommodation costs add up this only really makes sense if you need a lot of dental treatment.

Often this is called dental tourism or dental holiday. But rest assure having massive dental work done, in particular implants etc is not a holiday.

Sitting on the pool side with a mouth full of temporary crowns on your teeth will not only ruin your ( albeit temporary) smile, but the cold beer just doesn't taste the same.

Maybe its time the local dental community starts to want up and works on their practice models ( and maybe a Golf GTI is a good enough replacement for the Porsche 911 - who knows)

A first of these new concepts is currently emerging in New Zealand - www.dentalabroadnz.com

This company offers Australians and to a lesser degree Kiwis similar savings on their dental work as clinics in Thailand.

So whoever needs their smile fixed --- check it out !!!


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